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More Praise for The Darling Strumpet!

"This book was just all around solid. The characters were rich and complex, the plot was paced well and the period language felt natural.... I LOVED it.....If you are a Nell fan, or a fan of historical fiction in general, this is a must read, and if you haven't read much his/fic, this book would be a great introduction!"
- Kate, The Book Buff

"The atmosphere of Restoration London is beautifully rendered in this richly textured novel. Sedan chairs, frost fairs, hot wassail, changeable silks - the details on every page evoke time and place.... I would definitely recommend The Darling Strumpet to anyone looking for a rich and spicy January read."
- Helena, The Misadventures of Moppet

"Written in the vein of Philippa Gregory's Other Boleyn Girl and Tracy Chevalier's Lady and the Unicorn...Gillian Bagwell is a masterful writer.... A thrilling and enchanting story that will stay with you long after you turn the last page."
- Beverley Kendall, The Season for Romance

"Bagwell's presentation of a familiar and popular Restoration-era character brings to life the players, wits, wenches, and mistresses who populated the court of King Charles II.... Bagwell provides rich period flavor through dialogue, scene setting, verses, and quotations from plays in which Nell appeared to such acclaim.... A highly readable debut."
- Margaret Barr, Historical Novel Reviews

" bawdy and engaging as Nell herself was reputed to be. Bagwell's well- researched novel accurately captures the rowdy, sexy Restoration period.... Romantics will devour this engaging, sexy page-turner."
- Dolce Dolce

"Fans of historical fiction or the Restoration era, or simply desirous of an immersive, fast-paced look into another time, will likely find much to enjoy here."
- David Maine, Pop Matters

"After this fabulous debut piece of work I cannot wait to see what else Gillian Bagwell has for us historical fiction fans."
- Marie Burton, Burton Review

"I loved it. I sat down and read it in one sitting. Yup. That good. I found myself caught up in the story and just didn't want to put it down.... This is a very enjoyable book on an extraordinary woman."
- Patty Woodland, Broken Teepee

"Nell claims her place in history and Charles Stuart's heart, a memorable footnote to an era of flourishing theater and outrageous personalities, ever the people's darling.... The lusty, good-hearted Nell has secured her place in England's turbulent past, a destitute girl who wins the undying love of the Restoration king. Bagwell does her story justice."
- Curled Up With a Good Book

"Bagwell delights readers with tales of Nell Gwynn's escapades in historically accurate detail.... Nell would have given Madonna and Lady Gaga a run for their money had they been around back then! The Darling Strumpet is a well-told historical romance that will be enjoyed by Anglophiles and fans of the days of old alike."
- Fresh Fiction

"This is probably not a book I will ever re-read. I don't need to . . . I will never forget it.... Gillian Bagwell spent twenty years researching this, her debut book. The wealth of historical detail makes it obvious that the time was well spent."
- Seductive Musings

"My favorite parts were when Nell was acting. I loved seeing the camaraderie between the actors and the competition the King's Company had with the Duke's Company. I also really liked learning little facts about the theater world. I loved hearing about the reopening of the theaters after 18 years and the rise of women playing female parts instead of the traditional male actors."

"Books are my crack. Like every good crack head, when a new one comes out, I race to the library to get my next fix. Yes, I'm a nerd. I won't deny it. But seriously, who wouldn't want to read The Darling Strumpet?"

"This is a story for the ages and one that will surely reach down and touch the very heart of your soul.... The Darling Strumpet is a story that will wreak havoc on all your emotions and yes, it did have me crying at the end."

Advance Praise for The Darling Strumpet!

"Richly engaging portrait of the life and times of one of history's
most appealing characters!"
- Diana Gabaldon, author of the best-selling Outlander series

Bawdy and poignant ... an ebullient page-turner!"
- Leslie Carroll, author of Royal Affairs

"Hard to resist this sort of seduction - a Nell Gwynn who pleasures the crowds upon the stages of London and the noblest men of England in their bedrooms. A vivid portrait of an age that makes our own seem prudish, told with verve, humour, pathos... and not a little eroticism."
- C.C. Humphreys, Actor and Author of Jack Absolute.

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